Buying a Summer Villa and Flat from North Cyprus

In Turkey, a lot of money is needed to buy an apartment or a villa. Especially buying both apartments and villas is like a dream. Cyprus is a place where these dreams come true. There are many affordable flats and villas for sale in Cyprus. When you buy an apartment in the city from Cyprus and a villa by the sea, you buy a house on a magnificent holiday island. Advantageous opportunities are also offered for those who want to buy the villa and apartment together. New housing projects include villas and flats with easy payment options.

In the summer villa options, very luxurious options with a pool and by the sea can be evaluated at very reasonable prices. It is possible to choose flat options in the desired criteria in flats. With its developing economic and social structure, Northern Cyprus offers advantageous opportunities to those who want to buy apartments and villas. As Rocs Homes, we aimed to have a professional and innovative perspective in the developing and growing real estate sector of Northern Cyprus. We have become a company that goes beyond the traditional real estate structure, adapts to changing conditions and brings the sectors together. With the 3D model we created in the triangle of the right location, valuable project and genius investment ideas, we brought a new dimension to the Cyprus real estate sector and made everyone win. If you want to come to this beautiful and safe country for investment or life, you can get support from us for real estate projects that will make your dreams come true.

Where to Buy a Summer Villa in Cyprus?

Certain regions of Cyprus are magnificent in terms of location. Sea and nature view villa options stand out in these regions. Iskele area is one of the most popular areas. When choosing, you can choose according to details such as the province and district, the number of rooms or bathrooms. Expectations and needs shape choices. In addition to details such as fireplace, internet, air conditioning, it is also possible to make choices according to living areas such as playground, children’s pool, bicycle station in exterior features. As Rocs Homes investment consultants, we work to offer you the best housing options according to your expectations and needs, as well as your future plans.

Where to Buy a Flat in Cyprus?

Apartment options in Cyprus are quite diverse. Different apartment options can be evaluated in the city and other regions. Apartment options close to locations such as universities, airports and hospitals can also be evaluated. If you are going to buy an investment flat in Cyprus, you can choose the areas you can rent. You can choose to buy an apartment both as a summer residence and as an investment. Studio apartments are very advantageous as the most affordable apartments. You can make a good investment in Cyprus by buying a villa and an apartment. You should also pay attention to the type of title deed when buying an apartment in Cyprus. Title deeds and other problems are not a problem in new housing projects. You can buy flats with confidence. As Rocs Homes, we are with you at all stages from selection to purchase. We ensure that all processes are processed quickly and safely.

How Much Are the Prices of Villas and Apartments in Cyprus?

Compared to Turkey, housing prices in Cyprus are more affordable. Northern Cyprus is a world of opportunities as real estate with its developing structure. While new living spaces are being established, real estate investments in these areas provide very good profits. Housing prices in Cyprus are also affordable. This is because this period is a period of opportunity. In order to contribute to a developing economy, housing prices are kept at affordable levels and many conveniences are provided to foreigners when buying real estate. Every foreigner has the right to buy one property in Cyprus. Moreover, buying a house also means obtaining a residence permit.

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