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Rocs Homes

Rocs Homes

Rocs Homes was established with the mission of bringing a professional and innovative perspective to the ever-growing Northern Cyprus real estate sector. It is an organization that goes beyond the traditional real estate agent approach and brings together the real estate and finance sectors, and offers the right property to the investors by considering the investment parameters. It aims to add a new dimension to the Cyprus real estate sector with its 3D model in the right location, Valuable Project, Genius Investment Ideas triangle.

Innovative Approach

Rocs Homes is managed by a team with different fields of expertise who have achieved great success in the real estate industry. By combining information and analytical thoughts with an innovative approach, it offers the best investment options by using the parameters of the sector correctly. It selects all projects in its portfolio through precise filtering with location potential, value increase changes, regional rent analyzes and benchmarking studies. By making a trip to the taboos of the sector, it brings its investors together with real estates with high potential with realistic financial indicators.

Sectoral Development Target

Another of the founding objectives of Rocs Homes is to increase the market share of the Northern Cyprus real estate sector. The TRNC housing sector, which has a very serious potential, attracts investors from many developed and developing countries. Residence permit, life, return on investment, purchasing power, tax applications, continuous value increases, stable indicators, safe environment, climate and nature are the most important reasons for choosing Northern Cyprus. The expert team of Rocs Homes aims to attract much larger investors to the sector by blending the advantages of this geography with economic indicators, financial analysis, performance measurements and valuations with universal validity.

Individual Approach

Rocs Homes investment consultants, who have a customer-oriented service approach, offer personalized investment options with accurate analysis. The changing expectations of house lovers according to different geographies is one of the main factors affecting the choice of property to be presented. Accordingly, Rocs Homes formulates the best options by differentiating investors in terms of purpose, budget, expectation, lifestyle and future plan.  

Stability and Sustainability

In order to ensure economic stability and sustainability in development, the responsibility of the TRNC real estate sector is to produce higher quality residences in foreign standards in particular and to provide incentives through the state in general. Aiming to attract rational and qualified investors to our country, Rocs Homes also works to make domestic capital profitable. It is of great importance for the sustainability of the sector to be able to meet the high demand for the housing sector in our country with a qualified and world-class supply. The Rocs Homes expert team has a structure that aims to create these supplies, develop projects, deliver them to investors through the right channels, and bring the investor and the producer together on a solid platform.

Long-lasting Collaborations

Rocs Homes professionals plan long-lasting investment journeys with investors, not one-time purchases. The properties offered are seen as an investment instrument and analyzed in depth from many aspects such as rental potential, value increase, brand value. All these data are used to provide high rental income after delivery and to minimize the return on investment. It cooperates with after-sales service professionals to provide rental income above the market. It brings together the real estate and tourism sectors on a common ground with a multidisciplinary approach to provide maximum rental income.

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