Sports Activities that Can Be Done in Cyprus

What Are The Most Fun Activities In Cyprus?

Although Cyprus is famous for its beaches and holiday destinations, it should be noted that Cyprus is one of the special geographies for doing some sports. For a versatile and fun holiday, you can discover different sports you can do in Cyprus. Sports activities such as paragliding, underwater and surface activities, cycling, hiking or golf are very popular in Cyprus. There are enjoyable activities for those looking for adventure. In this respect, there is a sports activity for everyone. Those who want to do sports in a calmer way can choose nature walk, or those who want to experience experiences such as gliding in the sky can choose to do paragliding. You can continue reading our article for the answer to the question of what are the sports activities that will give you pleasant and unforgettable moments in Cyprus.
  • Paragliding

There are single and double paragliding options. The geography of Cyprus is very suitable for paragliding. You can try this sport with a guide from the paragliding centers located at certain points of the island, and you can watch a wonderful view of Cyprus by gliding in the sky. In the Beşparmak mountains, St. Located at an altitude of 850 meters near Hilarion castle, the jumping point is one of the best places.
  • Underwater Adventure

The underwater world of Cyprus is incredibly rich. Divers from all over the world come to the island to dive in Cyprus. There are diving opportunities for both professionals and amateurs. Scuba diving is particularly popular. You can discover the perfect underwater world by diving with a guide. You can encounter many riches such as corals, starfish and ancient ruins.
  • Golf

Cyprus’ golf courses are also very famous. Even wealthy businessmen in these fields hold commercial meetings together with sports events. Golf is a very enjoyable and different sport. You can enjoy golf as you wish on the courses in Cyprus.
  • Bicycle

Cycling routes in Cyprus offer very enjoyable options. You can go on a bike tour among the perfect landscapes. You can explore many different places while pedaling.
  • Walk

You can choose Beşparmak Mountains for trekking. You can participate in nature walks organized with a guide.
  • Sail

You can see many sailboats in the Cyprus marina. To have such an experience, you can go to sailing clubs and glide on the waves with the sails blown by the wind.
  • Water Ski And Jet Ski

Water skiing and jet skiing are very enjoyable sports that you can do on the water. They are fun activities that anyone can easily do. It is also very popular among local and foreign tourists in Cyprus.
  • Windsurf

Windsurfing, which is an enjoyable and somewhat difficult sport, is one of the activities you should definitely try.

What Are Other Fun Activities in Cyprus?

If you are one of those who say that doing sports is not for me, you can explore the entertainment world of Cyprus. Dance shows in big clubs are world famous. Beach parties are also great fun. You can also play fun water games. There are also easy and enjoyable water games without sports activities. You can also explore the island by sea with boat tours. It will also be fun to explore the villages. You can explore the hidden beauties. You can rent a car and create different routes to the mysterious places of the island. Visiting museums can also be one of the fun activities. In addition, festival times are very enjoyable and there are opportunities to spend different times. You can also attend festivals and concerts.
Cyprus offers opportunities for you to perform many sports activities. In particular, sports branches such as trekking, diving, cycling, water sports, golf, which are the hobbies of many people, can be done.

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