Cultural Heritage of Cyprus

Cyprus, which offers cultural riches and natural beauties together, is full of versatile holiday opportunities. The ancient history of Cyprus also opens doors for mystical journeys. Cyprus is a true paradise with its deep cultural heritage stretching from Aphrodite to the Ottoman Empire.

The culture of Cyprus, which carries the traces of various and powerful civilizations, is also colorful and very different with the traces of these civilizations. Even from the food you can understand how much of an impact this heritage has had.

Since different ethnic cultures have lived together in Cyprus for ages, a very diverse cultural heritage emerges. Everything from architectural structures to tolerance of people is part of this deep-rooted heritage. According to the UNESCO report, Northern Cyprus is among the geographies of the world with the most important cultural values.

Cyprus Cultural Heritage According to UNESCO Reports

Cultural heritage such as excavation sites, archaeological sites, museums and churches are always explored by UNESCO. Cyprus is a very rich island in terms of these heritages. It is possible to see the traces of distant and recent history in many historical works. Paphos as a world heritage, Painted Churches in Troodos, Hiroktiya Cyprus from the neolithic age are cultural sites that are included in the world heritage list.

Colors in Northern Cyprus Culture

Northern Cyprus with a very colorful cultural heritage; It also offers unique cultural values ​​in areas such as music, dance, food and handicrafts. Inspired by caterpillar cocoons, the cocoon business is one of the unique cultural heritages of Cyprus. There is also a multicultural structure in terms of traditions, customs and traditions. Both Turks and Greeks and the British have had lasting effects on the social life on the island.

Historical Details that Make up the Cultural Heritage of Cyprus

The culture, which is woven with the traces of civilizations such as Hittite, Assyrian, Persian, Byzantine and Ottoman, which has settled in Cyprus throughout history, is very diverse. The coexistence of people from different ethnic origins is also effective in the cultural heritage of Cyprus. Throughout the ages, Cyprus has been overflowing with the vital cultures of different civilizations. The geography and beauties of Cyprus have been legendary throughout history.

Getting to Know the Cyprus Culture

You will enjoy getting to know the Cypriot culture. You will never get bored as it is a culturally diverse structure. To get to know the island’s unique culture, you should look at its food, social environments, music and art areas. You can learn a lot about the ancient culture by visiting the museums. Museums you can visit in Cyprus;

  • Fatherhood Museum
  • Kyrenia Shipwreck
  • Dervish Pasha Mansion
  • Fazil Kucuk Museum
  • Kyrenia Icon Museum
  • Cyprus Private Ethnography Museum
  • Lusignan House
  • Stone Works Museum

Cyprus Festivals

One of the best ways to get to know a culture is to attend festivals. You can learn a lot about culture at festivals. You can taste food, listen to music, explore folk arts. Some well-established festivals you can attend in Cyprus;

  • Northern Cyprus International Bellapais Music Festival
  • Kalkalı-Çakistez Festival
  • Cyprus Raki Festival
  • Halloumi Festival
  • Guzelyurt Orange Festival
  • International Spring Concerts
  • Yesilirmak Strawberry Festival
  • İskele Festival

Cyprus is one of the rare destinations to visit in all seasons. It guarantees you unforgettable moments with its sea, history, food, entertainment and everything.

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