Types of Title Deeds in Northern Cyprus

Known as a magnificent holiday paradise and visited by a wide audience, Northern Cyprus also offers unmissable opportunities for real estate investments. For this reason, buying a house in Northern Cyprus, which is among the best investment options, is a very attractive option.

At this point, it is necessary to obtain detailed information about the land registry regulations. It is of great importance to conduct research as the title deed regulations in Northern Cyprus are different. Deed types are divided into 3 different groups depending on their pre-1974 origin. The main reason for this is that the island of Cyprus is divided into two by the Turks and the Greeks. Regulations regarding real estate investments differ as people leaving their former places of residence leave their property there.

  • What is Turkish Title?

Turkish cob, which refers to real estate owned by Turks before 1974, is a concept that we encounter frequently. Such practices are carried out not only for Turkish Cypriots, but also for other non-Greek foreigners. Real estate investments are made by taking into account the types of title deed for such immovables.

  • What is an Esdeger Title?

Esdeger title deed, also known as title deed exchange, is simply immovable property owned by Greek Cypriots before 1974. The esdeger title deed, which represents the real estates given to the Turkish Cypriots who have left Southern Cyprus in exchange for their properties in the place where they are, finds the opportunity to have new real estates by waiving their properties in the south. In this process, deed changes are made by evaluating the points system.

  • What is Title Title?

The title deed (also called TMD deed) refers to real estate owned by Greek Cypriots prior to 1974. To explain in more detail, it is the real estate given to both Turkish Cypriots and to the people who went to Cyprus from Turkey for settled life. The purpose of giving these real estates is that they have shown military or government service.

It is very important for people who want to invest in real estate in Cyprus to have information about the types of title deeds here and to take the right steps by getting legal support when necessary.

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