List of Places to Visit in Northern Cyprus

The Most Popular Historic Sites in Cyprus

Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean, has hosted civilizations that have left permanent traces since ancient times. Settlements offer rich historical diversity, as do the island’s human population. We can list the most popular historical places as follows;
  • Salamis Ruins
  • Bellapais Monastery – Kyrenia
  • Hilerion Castle – Kyrenia
  • Selimiye Mosque – Nicosia
  • Buyukhan – Nicosia
  • Walled City – Nicosia
  • Apostolos Andreas Monastery – Karpaz
  • Kyrenia Castle
  • Sunken Ship
  • Barnabas Monastery – İskele
  • Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque – Famagusta
  • Varosha – Famagusta
  • St. Mamas Church – Guzelyurt

Cyprus’ Rich Cultural History

Northern Cyprus, which is included in the myths as the birthplace of Aphrodite, draws attention with its rich cultural history. Throughout the ages, powerful civilizations have established settlements in Cyprus. Traces of all these different cultures have remained to this day. These traces show themselves not only in the historical places of the island, but also in every detail from the cuisine of Cyprus to daily life. It is all this rich diversity that makes Cyprus a unique paradise. Among the civilizations that left their mark in Cyprus; Hittite, Assyrian, Persian, Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations take place. In many parts of the island, it is possible to see historical structures from ancient times and Ottoman times. Cyprus, like a time tunnel, takes tourists through the ages.

Ancient Ruins

You can see traces of thousands of years of history everywhere in Cyprus. Salamis Ruins stands out among the most popular ancient ruins. Located 6 km from Famagusta, the city of Salamis carries traces of Egyptian and Persian civilizations. It is also possible to see traces from the Neolithic period in Karpaz. Very old settlements such as Kaminiar, Lakkos, Dhimar are found in this region. Places such as Soli Ruins and Paradisa are also popular ancient ruins. Tombs, monuments, theaters are the prominent elements among the ancient ruins on the island. Soli Ancient City is in Lefke. Swan mosaics are the symbol of the city. In addition, rich archaeological artifacts were unearthed during the excavations. It is possible to see these works in museums.


There are many churches in Northern Cyprus that offer a magnificent aesthetic with their location and visual architecture. Among the most mentioned churches are the following;
  • St. Anna
  • Bellapais
  • Pul Anglican
  • St. Thekli Chapel
  • Apostolos Andreas


Cyprus is full of castles that hang over the cities like a shadow from history. Othello Castle and Kyrenia Castle are the most popular castles. Apart from these, thousands of years old castle ruins of different civilizations in different locations continue to be the shadow of cities.


There are nearly 300 mosques all over Cyprus. Old mosques bearing traces of the Ottoman Empire are located in different cities. Some of these mosques are very special and old mosques;
  • Piri Pasha of Lefke
  • Arab Ahmed
  • Sarayonu
  • Mustafa Pasha
  • Minaret Village
  • Cafer Agha Pasha

Must-See Historical Places in Cyprus

If you have little time to travel in Northern Cyprus, which is very rich in historical places, you should definitely see the ancient cities. Salamis and Soli Ancient Cities are ancient historical sites that must be seen. You should definitely see the mosques, the Blue Kiosk and the Sunken Ship museum. When planning your holiday, you can visit every place more easily if you separate them as castles, mosques and churches.

What to do in Cyprus?

While you are in Cyprus, you should definitely explore the underwater world. As you can dive professionally, you can also participate in diving trips accompanied by instructors. You can see the rich underwater world by diving. You should definitely visit entertainment venues in Cyprus. You can have a lot of fun and different experiences. You should not forget to swim in the world-famous blue flag beaches of Cyprus. You cannot experience the sea, sun and beach trio anywhere else like in Cyprus.      
Gazimağusa’da Görülmesi Gereken Tarihi Yerler Nerelerdir?

Gazimağusa’nın bir çok popüler tarihi mekanları vardır. Kaleiçinde yer alan Lala Mustafa Paşa Camii, St Barnabas Manastırı, Salamis Antik Kenti, Otelle Kalesi ve. Kapalı Maraş (Varosha) görülmesi gereken en önemli tarihi zenginliklerdir.

Girne’de Ziyaret Etmeniz Gereken En Önemli Tarihi Yapılar Nerelerdir?

Girne tarihi dokusunu koruyan çok önemli eserlere ev sahipliği yapmaktadır. İhtişamını koruyan Girne Kalesi, Batık Gemi Müzesi, St Hilarion Kalesi, Bellabais Manastırı, Girne Yat Limanı mutlaka ziyaret etmeniz gereken tarihi mekanların başında gelmektedir.

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