Frequently Asked Questions About Cyprus

Although Cyprus is a holiday paradise very close to Turkey, it is a developing country that offers many opportunities. Cyprus offers excellent possibilities for vacation or living. In this respect, there are some important details about Northern Cyprus. In this article, we answer the questions for those who will go to Cyprus, become a student, work or make a life in Cyprus.

  • Is a Passport Required to Cyprus?

Turkish citizens can only enter Cyprus with their ID and stay as a tourist for 3 months. However, passports are not required only for Turkish citizens.

  • How to go to Cyprus?

Airline can be preferred to go to Cyprus quickly and easily. It is also possible to come to Cyprus by ferry, using the sea route from Mersin. It takes an hour and a half to go to Cyprus by plane.

  • Is Life Expensive in Cyprus?

Life in Cyprus offers normal standards. Luxury life can be lived more economically. For example, it may be cheaper to rent a villa. Market prices are almost the same as in Türkiye.

  • Is Cyprus Safe?

Cyprus, which has a very low crime rate, offers peaceful and quality living standards. In the list of the safest countries in the world, the milk is at the top of the list.

  • Will Cyprus Be Cold?

There are no cold winters in Cyprus as you know it. There are four seasons of sunshine. Even the coldest months are mild.

  • What is life like in Cyprus?

In Cyprus, there are opportunities to live in the style you want. You can find the standards you are looking for for a fun night life or a peaceful and quiet life.

  • Is It Advantageous to Buy a House in Cyprus?

It is possible to buy luxury residences in Cyprus, which are in a very good location, at an affordable price. Buying a house in Cyprus is very advantageous. Because it offers both a more affordable price and a profit can be obtained by renting. Houses bought for investment purposes can be used at any time, especially for holidays.

  • How to Take a Cyprus Holiday?

If you go on a Cyprus holiday in the spring, you will be more comfortable. It is more advantageous to rent a house for vacation. Renting a car also allows you to travel everywhere easily. You can have a more enjoyable holiday by planning where to go in advance.

  • What can be done as a different activity in Cyprus?

Diving can be done to explore the underwater world. Cyprus offers rich opportunities in this sense. Playing golf is also among the options. You can visit the villages to discover the hidden beauties, and you can have very different experiences by paragliding and paragliding.

  • What to Buy When Coming From Cyprus?

When you eat halloumi, you will love it and you will want to take it with you. Apart from that, you may want to bring the pastes of Cyprus. You may also want to buy Cypriot alcoholic drinks. You will find very original flavors in flavors such as olives and cheese. You can bring 1 liter of high-alcohol drinks and 2 liters of low-alcohol drinks. If you are a smoker, you can bring a variety of cigarettes. Some people also buy such devices because the technology is cheaper.

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