The Most Beautiful Beaches of Cyprus

The blue flag beaches of Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean, are world famous. Most of the time, images of Cyprus beaches are used when describing a dream vacation. You can explore the beautiful beaches of the island, which is full of turquoise sea and golden beaches. In order to enjoy the beach, sun and sea during your Cyprus holiday, you should know the most beautiful beaches of the island in advance. Spending time on different beaches allows you to experience the beauties of Cyprus to the fullest. Here are the most popular beaches of Cyprus;
  • Long Beach
  • Bedis Beach
  • Acapulco Beach
  • Alagadi Beach
  • Golden Beach
  • Mermaid Beach
  • Mare Monte Beach
  • Camelot Beach
  • Escape Beach
  • Diana Beach
  • Kervansaray Public Beach
  • Korineum Beach
  • Yeni Bogazici Beach
  • Glapsides Beach
  • Yedidalga Public Beach

Are All Beaches Paid in Cyprus?

There are both paid and free public beaches in Cyprus. Many beaches are free as public beaches. While some beaches have an entrance fee, only sunbeds and umbrellas may be charged at some beaches. Some beaches are also in a completely natural area and are open to free use.

When to go to the sea in Cyprus?

You can swim in Cyprus almost every month of the year. July and August can be very hot. The best months are spring. However, even in winter, you can see people swimming in Cyprus.

What to Take While Going to the Beach in Cyprus?

Sunscreen must be with you. It would also be good to have a thin pareo or sea dress on you. If you wear sea shoes, you can go in and out of the sea more easily. If you are going to areas without sunbeds, you can also bring your own chairs or a blanket.

Are Cyprus Beaches Crowded?

Some beaches are very crowded and some are very calm. You can choose the beach according to your own mood.

What else to do at the beach?

Parasailing can be done in some areas. You can ride a jet ski. It is also possible to participate in water games. There are also parties at the beach. You can also attend parties. Some beaches also have restaurants.

Is there camping on the beaches?

Yes, it is possible to camp on beaches such as Alagadi beach. However, in some areas there is no market. In this respect, it is necessary to be prepared by knowing what is going on before you go.

Are Cyprus Beaches Clean?

Many of the Cyprus beaches have the title of blue flag, that is, beaches in very good condition. The clarity and turquoise colors that you can see the bottom of the sea can fascinate you.

What Are the Calm Beaches of Cyprus?

Glapsides Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches, is one of the quiet beaches out of season. Alagadi Beach, Golden Beach, Yavuz Cikartma Beach and Yesilirmak Beach are among the quiet beaches. However, there is a possibility that it will be more crowded than usual during the season and on the weekend.

Where to go to the sea in Cyprus?

There are places to swim all over Cyprus. The Karpas Peninsula is one of the areas that offers the most beautiful sea coasts.

Where to Stay Near the Sea in Cyprus?

There are holiday homes and villas by the sea. By renting a house, you can have a more comfortable and more economical holiday. You can enjoy the beach easier by renting a residence close to the sea, or you can rent a car and go to beautiful beaches in different places. You can also enjoy the sea in different bays by taking a sea tour.
Where Are The Most Beautiful Beaches Of Northern Cyprus?
Cyprus has many beaches of unequaled nature. The most beautiful beaches are located on the coastline of Famagusta – Iskele – Karpaz in the east of the country. So much so that almost the entire coast in this direction is covered with fine sandy beaches.
What Are The Best Swimming Beaches Of Northern Cyprus?
The most beautiful beaches where you can swim in Northern Cyprus are located on the eastern coastline of the island. The most beautiful of these beaches, which we cannot count, are Palm Beach, Glapsides, Long Beach and Golden Beach.

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