Rental and Property Management

Rental returns are an instrument used to calculate return statistics for real estate investments. Renting is the most important element that gives meaning to the investment. The ratio of rental fees to real estate prices in Northern Cyprus provides high investment advantages compared to similar geographies. Rocs Homes offers additional income to investors with its strategies that increase rental income above market standards. Below are the detailed features of Rocs Homes’ privileged rental and property management system;

High Potential Rental Income
Rocs Homes offers high rental income options for return on your investment with its corporate subsidiaries. Portfolios created with the right audience analysis provide earnings above market values. Thus, the return on investment takes place in a much shorter time than the Northern Cyprus average.

Corporate Partners
We carry out your property management with a new generation system with corporate companies among our collaborations. This service, offered exclusively to Rocs Homes investors, means a lifetime of quality property management. Thus, the hosts and their guests, who are their tenants, have the chance to receive service with the satisfactory service quality of the tourism sector.

Time-Saving System
Rocs Homes is fully responsible for the troublesome management of short and medium term rentals and you only have to enjoy the return on your investment. Many time-consuming processes such as entry-exit operations, marketing, regular cleaning, damage detection and maintenance are carried out by professionals.

Smart Marketing Support
Rocs Homes uses all traditional and digital marketing methods to ensure maximum profit while managing your investments. It creates a singularized marketing strategy specific to your property, taking into account many factors such as the type of demand, region analysis, price optimization, and occupancy rates.

Periodic Reporting
Rocs Homes periodically provides its investors with reports on rental returns and potential capital gains. In line with the principle of transparency, it presents service fee, operation fees, taxation and various income items in a single, simplified report.

Short Term Rental Marketing
Rocs Homes offers a service that makes a difference in short-term rentals with its tourism marketing experience. With the alternative marketing methods it uses, it finds guests from all over the world to your property and maximizes your earnings.

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