Can You Buy a House in Northern Cyprus?

The island of Cyprus stands out as one of the most popular holiday islands in the world. Dreaming of Cyprus, apart from its holiday opportunities, it can also be seen as a paradise with real estate investment opportunities. If you are thinking of buying a house in Northern Cyprus, you may be about to take a very advantageous step. Because the developing economy of Northern Cyprus offers you excellent real estate opportunities.

It is always advantageous to buy a house in this beautiful and safe island country, whether it is a real estate investment or a better life to live. In addition to the location and geography of the island, it also provides an advantage as it is very close to Turkey. You can go to the island of Cyprus from Turkey in as little as 1.5 hours by plane. In addition, the quality of life in Northern Cyprus is high. There is cultural diversity and colour. Cyprus flats for sale are affordable and the houses are also very luxurious and in a good location.

There are many reasons to buy a house in Northern Cyprus;

  • House Prices are More Affordable in Northern Cyprus

The developing structure of Northern Cyprus has led to housing expansions. In new housing projects, beautiful options are offered at very affordable prices. It is possible to buy house models, which are offered at prices that cannot be approached in Turkey, at very affordable prices in Cyprus. Moreover, you can benefit from many advantages such as payment convenience and tax reductions.

  • The Wonderful Climate of Cyprus

The island of Cyprus is an island whose air and water are clean and even healing. The climate on the island, which is a favorite of tourists, is Mediterranean. The temperate climate offers the opportunity to experience sunny days in every month of the year. Winter is not like winter. Temperatures are generally high. It is possible to enjoy the sea almost every month of the year.

  • Life quality

It is possible to see the quality of life at European standards in Cyprus. Due to the touristic nature of Cyprus, English and Turkish are spoken together on the island. The quality of life is quite high. Daily life is stress-free and prosperous. The crime rate is very low. A safe and enjoyable life can be led.

  • Colorful and Enjoyable Mediterranean Culture

Northern Cyprus is rich in cultural diversity. It is crowded with tourists, students, business people from all over the world. The port city of Kyrenia is quite lively. But there are also very quiet and peaceful places. Culturally rich diversity offers pleasant living opportunities.

  • Buying a House in Cyprus is Easy

You may not even need to go to Cyprus to buy a house in Northern Cyprus. Homes can be viewed online. Locations can be easily navigated. The preferred residence can be negotiated. Easy payment can be provided with the payment plan. To buy a house in Cyprus, the permission of the Council of Ministers is required. This permit is also given to anyone who has not committed a crime and for whom housing is available.

  • Obtaining a Residence Permit

It is also possible to obtain a residence permit by buying a house in Cyprus. Anyone who buys a house in Cyprus at a certain price can get a residence permit from Cyprus by fulfilling certain conditions. Cyprus is also very advantageous for living. It has a young economy where profitable investments can be made. Moreover, there is a shortage of employees in many fields.

Conveniences with Young Economy

As Rocs Homes, we are always with you in your house or villa purchase processes. You will be in close contact with our investment specialists until the completion of all purchasing processes and finding the residences that will suit your expectations and wishes. We offer you detailed analyzes of the properties you like, from investment potential to rental potential, from brand values ​​to housing values. In this way, you can easily make the right decision and step into a wonderful life in this beautiful and safe island country.

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