Cyprus is in many ways the most ideal island country to invest in. That’s why it has become a center of attraction in recent years. One of the easiest ways to invest in Cyprus is to buy a house. You can get consultancy service from our company, which was established with the aim of bringing an innovative and professional perspective to the Northern Cyprus real estate sector.

There are various rules and procedures for buying a house for investment in Cyprus. In order for these procedures to be completed accurately and quickly, as Rocs Homes, our investment consultants provide personalized solutions and ensure that you achieve the results you want. We offer comprehensive services for furnishing the house and making it ready for use after the house purchase.

Furnishing is the service that provides the necessary renovations and equipping the house with ideal furniture. You can get furnishing services from our company to transform the house you bought into a living space and make it ready for distinguished tenants.

Fully Furnished House Preparation

A home that is complete in all respects is always attractive to potential tenants. That’s why today, fully furnished and ready-to-use houses attract more attention. Details such as making renovations and moving goods are not preferred by elite tenants today. Therefore, renting the house fully furnished provides great advantages for the tenant and the lessor. You can take advantage of our fully furnished house preparation service to make your investment houses ready for rent effortlessly and quickly.

A-Z Furnishing

Houses with high rental potential always provide more income to their investors. Our company, which uses the parameters of the sector correctly, helps you reach your goals. With our expert team and innovative approach, we support your home to gain value by providing furnishing services from A to Z.

Ready to Rent Package

The ready-to-rent package helps save time and money. It also eliminates workload and stress. Functional and modern designed items help the house to gain value. You can get service from our company to reach distinguished tenants and earn rental income.

The Majority of Furnished Rentals in Cyprus

Furnished rental houses attract a great deal of attention in Cyprus, as in many parts of the world. Renters who want to rent a house for short and long term prefer ready-to-use furnished houses in Cyprus. Due to the high demand for furnished houses, the number of furnished houses for rent in Cyprus is increasing day by day. In order to plan your investment goals correctly and take action, it would be beneficial to get furnishing services from our company.

Economic and Luxury Package Selections

One of the biggest advantages of the furnishing service is the possibility of making more than one choice. You can choose economical and luxury packages according to your preference. The houses we make ready for use in line with your choices can easily meet with distinguished tenants.

Item Packages Suitable for Daily Rental

The most common rental option among accommodation and rental preferences is daily rental. While the daily rental method offers the tenant a comfortable living space for a short time, it provides high profits in a short time. You can get service from our company for the goods packages suitable for the daily rental system, which is extremely convenient for both parties, and you can earn high income from your real estate.

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