Golf in Cyprus

Originating in Scotland, the game of golf is known as a royal-sponsored game. It is introduced to France by Mary, Queen of Scots. Then, slowly, the sport of golf surrounds the whole world. The first international golf competition was held in Edinburgh in 1682. By 1900, hundreds of golf clubs were established in the USA.

Today, there are thousands of golf clubs around the world. Cyprus is known worldwide for its golf courses and clubs. Famous business people make their job interviews in these fields. Golf plays a big role in the business world as a prestige indicator. The golf courses in Cyprus are quite impressive.

Golf Courses in Cyprus

CMC Golf Club located in Yeşilyurt Lefke and Korineum Golf & Country Club located in Kyrenia are popular options. Some hotels also have private golf courses. The clubs affiliated to the Federation are;

  • Bostanci Bagcil Golf Club
  • CMC Golf Club
  • Cetinkaya Golf Club
  • Gaziveren Golf Club
  • Kasapoglulari Golf Club

How to Play Golf

Played in a fairly large area covered with grass, golf is an interesting sport. The object of the game is to push the ball forward into the hole. Getting the ball into the hole with the least number of hits is a success. There are 9 or 18 different holes. Hit areas and distances may vary. Specially designed golf clubs are used to hit the ball.

What is the Masters Tournament?

It is the most famous golf tournament in the world, held since 1934. Jack Nicklaus is the player with the most wins in this tournament. In 2021, Japanese golfer Hideki Matsuyama won the championship. In 2022, Scottie Scheffler from the USA became the champion.

Where to Play Golf in Cyprus?

You can play golf in federation-affiliated or private courses in Cyprus. You can also explore golf hotels. You can also work with private coaches in clubs. Learning golf is both fun and easy.

What are the Benefits of Golf?

According to an old royal saying, a gentleman will live 10 years longer if he plays golf once a week. Golf played outdoors on wide lawns is very beneficial for health. Moreover, it enables the development of patience and concentration skills. Golf is a sport that is good for people mentally as well as physically.

Are Golf Courses Paid in Cyprus?

Golf courses are paid. However, golf hotels may have all-inclusive stays. Golf courses are all inclusive.

What Sports Can Be Done in Cyprus Apart from Golf?

One of the most preferred sports in Cyprus is paragliding and paragliding. Diving to explore the underwater world is also very popular. Cycling and hiking are among the enjoyable activities that can be done in Cyprus. Windsurfing is also one of the fun sports activities you can try.

Where to Stay in Cyprus?

Renting a house in Cyprus is one of the best options. You can also choose hotels. Residences such as villas by the sea can also be rented. You can also rent a car to enjoy Cyprus. It will be much easier and more comfortable to do activities in different places.

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