Health and Life in Cyprus

With its unique climate, Cyprus is rich in fresh air and healing foods. Life in Cyprus is calm, peaceful and peaceful. For this reason, many tourists consider settling on the island. Health services in Cyprus are also offered with high quality standards. Large and fully equipped hospitals, dispensaries and clinics serve every part of the island. The Cyprus health system is at European standards. It is possible to have health insurance for 250 Euros per year. Cyprus is highly developed in terms of modern medical facilities.

It is more economical and easier to buy a house and a car in Cyprus. The island of Cyprus is a paradise for living a happy and healthy life.

Modern Medicine Facilities in Cyprus

Cyprus offers healthcare services known worldwide for its in vitro fertilization medicine facilities. There are modern medical practices that offer other options to those who want to have a child with IVF. In terms of technological equipment and modern approaches, this beautiful island country has very high quality facilities. Physicians who are experts in their fields make a difference with modern medical practices in hospitals. Cyprus is also known worldwide in terms of health tourism. Both public and private hospitals have modern medical facilities.

How to Benefit from Health Services in Cyprus?

In order to benefit from health services in Cyprus, it is necessary to use an insurance card. There are two types of cards, the pink and the blue insurance card. Pink card offers the right to use all services free of charge. The blue card, on the other hand, works in a semi-public, semi-private form. It is possible to have private insurance at very affordable prices. The government also has free services.

Which are the prominent hospitals in Cyprus?

Some hospitals in Cyprus stand out as equipment and services. In these hospitals, there are clinics that are the specialties of all medical departments. The prominent hospitals in Cyprus are;

  • Near East University Hospital
  • Burhan Nalbantaoğlu Nicosia State Hospital
  • Akçiçek Girne State Hospital
  • Famagusta State Hospital
  • Cengiz Topel State Hospital in Lefke

How Do Pharmacies Work in Cyprus?

Pharmacies in Cyprus are well-equipped pharmacies where prescription and non-prescription drugs can be obtained. English-speaking staff provides convenience in pharmacies. Many drugs that do not require a prescription can also be obtained from pharmacies. Local pharmacies are found in every region. Pharmacies on duty are also open 24 hours a day.

Health Services for Non-Citizens

Those who are not citizens of Northern Cyprus can have their examination by filling out a form called 121. This form contains health information about the sick person. Non-citizens can go to any state or private hospital and be examined with this form. A paid service is offered for those who do not have insurance. Those who are not TRNC citizens but insured can benefit from insurance services. SGK and Pension Fund in Turkey are valid in TRNC.

Living Standards in Cyprus

The crime rate in Cyprus is almost non-existent. Living standards are high and people are tolerant. Since there is a lot of diversity in Cyprus, daily life flows according to European standards. Cyprus is the choice of those who want to live a happier, stress-free and quality life.

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