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12 Reasons to Invest in Cyprus

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12 Reasons to Invest in Cyprus

Purchasing power

Investors Get High Purchasing Power Due To The Hand Currency.

Price Quality Balance

It offers the opportunity to have quality and luxury projects with low prices.

Value Increase

Housing Prices Stably Appreciate on an Annual Basis.

Low Taxation

It is the investment point with the lowest real estate taxes.

Payment Plan

There are installment payment options without bank, loan, interest and guarantor.

Return on Investment

In parallel with the high rental incomes, the return period of the investment is quite short.

Currency Earnings

Rental Revenues are Made in Foreign Currency.
It is done.

Trend Investment Point

It has become the focus of investors from all over the world.

Easy Residence Permit

With real estate investment, you can get a residence permit that can be renewed annually.


It is possible to pay in different currencies such as Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Crypto.

Mega Projects

It includes projects with high quality and social facilities and high living standards.

High Opportunity

The possibility of getting direct flights and being recognized by different countries as EU membership is quite high.

Discover the Cities of Northern Cyprus

Discover all the current ads in the cities of Northern Cyprus with Rocs homes!

Why Rocs Homes

Rocs Homes was established with the mission of bringing a professional and innovative perspective to the ever-growing Northern Cyprus real estate sector. It is an organization that goes beyond the traditional real estate agent approach and brings together the real estate and finance sectors, and offers the right property to the investors by considering the investment parameters.

12 Reasons to Live in Cyprus

Entertainment World

It appeals to people of all ages with various entertainment activities suitable for the island texture of Cyprus.

Peaceful Life

Cyprus promises a healthy life with its clean air, low crime rate, calm life away from chaos and peaceful environment.

Golden Beaches

With its shimmering golden sand grains, the beaches of Cyprus offer a fairy-tale delight.


Cyprus offers history lovers a time travel where they can see the footprints of many civilizations ranging from the Lusignans to the Ottomans.

Amazing Climate

It has a hot climate where the sun's rays are effective for 12 months.

Luxury Projects

Cyprus offers quality living spaces in every corner with its ultra-luxury residence projects and mega hotels.

Communication Language

Although the official language in Cyprus is Turkish, English is widely used.

Education Island

Over 30 Universities are University Country with +120.000 Students from +150 different countries.

Natural beauty

It Smiles With Its Unmatched Beauties Presenting Its Virgin Nature and Colors Together.

Cultural Values

Cyprus, which has been home to many civilizations, has multifaceted and holistic cultural values.

Flavor Cuisine

The Unique Tastes of the Mediterranean Create a Recital with the Delicious Touch of the Island.

Civil Life

Northern Cyprus has an environment where everyone respects each other, following the modern life lines of the West.

Happy Customers

Opinions of our investors, who are property owners but most importantly, who are part of the Rocs Homes family.


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