When to go to Northern Cyprus?

The island of Cyprus has a sunny climate almost every day of the year, which can be visited in all seasons. The hottest months are July and August. It is relatively cold in December and January. But winters in the form of black winter do not occur at all. In this respect, there are places to visit and activities to do in Cyprus every season and every month.

However, if you like a sea holiday; The best times for beach, sea and sun vacation are spring months. June and September are the months that increase the pleasure of the sea. Spring months are a good alternative for those who do not want it to be too hot and crowded. The peak time for tourists is between July and August. But it is not right to limit it in this way, because tourism in Northern Cyprus is always lively.

You can evaluate different holiday options. You can consider a sea vacation or a cultural vacation. Those who want to get to know the culture of Northern Cyprus can choose festival times. Holidays are more fun during festivals.

Festivals in Northern Cyprus

Cyprus festivals, which are held traditionally on certain dates, can be followed to have a more enjoyable time during the holidays. During festival times, the island becomes more festive. Various events are organized. Various foods are tasted. You can coincide your holiday with the festival time to have a fun holiday in Northern Cyprus. The Girne Olive Festival held in October can offer you a different kind of entertainment. You should definitely see the Güzelyurt Orange Festival and the International Famagusta Culture and Art Festival in June and July. In addition to Büyükkonuk Eco Days, the world-famous International Bellapais Music Festival will be the address of your fun times. It brings theater lovers together at the Cyprus Theater Festival in September. We also recommend you to follow the Girne Culture and Art Festival and the Lefke Date Festival.

What to Put in the Suitcase When Going to Cyprus?

No matter what time of the year you go, you should not forget to take sunscreen with you. It will be good to take trekking shoes and clothes in your suitcase. Trekking clothes are very useful when exploring the natural beauties and historical places in Northern Cyprus. If you have a thin raincoat or windbreaker with you, you can be protected from the island winds. You should also buy stylish clothes to participate in the night entertainment.

How to Travel in Cyprus Easiest?

By renting a car in Cyprus, you can visit the places you want in the easiest and most comfortable way. Using a minibus or taxi for transportation can be tiring. You can go anywhere you want by car. You can also stay in different places.

Where to Stay in Cyprus?

You can stay in very stylish and well-located residences in Northern Cyprus. You can evaluate the options of villas, apartments, holiday homes for rent in Cyprus. You can have a holiday in a villa by the sea or choose to stay in different places such as Kyrenia for a day or two, and Nicosia for a day or two. You can find a house for rent in any location you want in every city. Our Rocs Homes consultants will always help you with options that meet your expectations.

How to Plan a Cyprus Holiday?

You can move more easily by taking care of your accommodation before you go on vacation. After you rent your house, you can make your holiday plan. When planning a holiday, you should allocate separate days for beaches, historical places, natural beauties, and different activities. Thus, you can see all the places you want and spend your holiday to the fullest.

What kind of activities are done in Cyprus?

Cyprus offers everything you are looking for for a pleasant holiday. You can make your holiday more enjoyable by participating in activities such as paragliding, underwater diving, trekking and surfing. While you are in Cyprus, you should definitely explore the underwater world. You can also discover night entertainment in nightclubs. Cyprus’ nights are full of world-famous entertainment.

What is required to go to Cyprus?

You can only go to Cyprus with an ID and without a passport. However, obtaining a digital travel document has become mandatory after the pandemic. A digital travel document can be obtained from the Stay Safe app or website.

Cyprus is a land of opportunities in terms of investment opportunities as well as living opportunities. As Rocs Homes, we are always at your side with special solutions for you to catch these opportunities. With the understanding of long-lasting cooperation, you can get support from us from the election to the purchase and afterwards.

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