5 Reasons to Settling in Northern Cyprus

North Cyprus; It refers to the northern part of Cyprus, which is the third largest island among the Mediterranean islands. With its climate, natural beauties, holiday and living opportunities, Northern Cyprus offers countless reasons to live. One of the first reasons is that house prices in Northern Cyprus are affordable. In addition to affordable and luxury residences, different opportunities are also offered. Settling in Northern Cyprus can add joy and peace to your life. Cyprus, one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, is also a great place to live.

5 prominent reasons for settling in Northern Cyprus;

  • Cyprus Climate, Geography and Nature

The island of Cyprus offers rich living opportunities with the healthy air and perfect climate of the Mediterranean. There is a kind of climate that you will encounter in rare places in the world. It is sunny almost every day of the year. The temperate climate of the Mediterranean is integrated with natural beauties. Geographically, the island of Cyprus makes a difference as it is very close to Turkey. It can be reached in just 1.5 hours by plane. The historical riches complement the magnificent beauties of the island. Living in Cyprus turns into a privilege.

  • Affordable Housing Prices

Northern Cyprus is a developing island country. It is possible to find affordable housing options in newly built living spaces. The emerging economy offers many opportunities to investors and settlers. House prices are also very affordable. It is possible to buy houses such as villas, which are very expensive in Turkey, at much more affordable prices in Cyprus. There are many housing options such as apartments, holiday homes, residences, villas for sale in North Cyprus. You can also settle in Cyprus by buying property in Cyprus. If you are thinking of buying a house in Northern Cyprus, you can always call our Rocs Homes investment consultants and get your dream home.

  • Easy Residence Permit

You can apply for a residence permit by purchasing a residence in Northern Cyprus. The residences purchased for a certain price offer foreigners the right to obtain a residence permit. By purchasing a residence in Northern Cyprus, you can settle in Northern Cyprus and take steps for citizenship. Northern Cyprus is a country that gives the right of residence to those who buy a house. The residence permit granted for the first 3 years is temporary. After that, a two-year residence permit is issued.

  • High Quality of Life

For those who are tired of stress, Northern Cyprus means perfect living opportunities. In Cyprus, there is a quality of life in European standards. Daily life flows with quality. People obey the rules, crime rate is low. Tolerance and respect make everyday life easier. The quality of life is higher in every respect. There are more luxurious and quality life opportunities in Cyprus. High quality of life also increases happiness levels. Work life arrangements are also of good quality. Working and living according to European standards is possible in Northern Cyprus.

  • Cultural diversity

Cyprus stands out with its culturally diverse cultural structure. People from different countries from all over the world prefer Cyprus for both vacation and life. Cultural richness increases as students come from all over the world. This diversity is also a prominent feature in the historical cultural characteristics of the island. From its cuisine to its daily life, Cyprus makes a difference with its unique cultural structure. The cultural richness is revealed by the wonderful vital possibilities complemented by the historical richness of the island. Settling in Cyprus will mean making a privileged choice.Cyprus is a country that offers many opportunities for life or investment. It promises you a peaceful and enjoyable life with its turquoise colored waters, clean seas, lively social life and many more. You can always get support from us for house or villa alternatives for sale or rent. Our investment advisors are with you in all processes and make the processes easier for you. In this way, you can get your dream home at affordable prices and hassle-free.

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