Turkish Can its citizens buy a house from Northern Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus, the so-called baby homeland, is an island country independent of Turkey. So T.C. Its citizens have foreign status in Northern Cyprus. However, the passport used for entering and exiting other foreign countries is not required for Turkish citizens who want to come to Northern Cyprus. T.C. Anyone who is a citizen can easily stay by visiting this beautiful island country with their identity card.

However, Turkish citizens are in the same position as other foreigners when it comes to purchasing housing. In other words, it has the right to buy one property from Northern Cyprus. It is also possible to obtain a residence permit by buying a residence in Northern Cyprus. This offers many advantages.

Turkish citizens can buy a wide range of residences in this beautiful geography, from luxury apartments to seafront villas, at very affordable prices compared to Turkey. Compared to Turkey, Northern Cyprus is more advantageous in terms of real estate investment. As Rocs Homes, we are always with you to get the best in Northern Cyprus without any problems. You can get support from us in the process of choosing and purchasing a villa or apartment for sale in North Cyprus.

Buying a House in Northern Cyprus is More Advantageous

You can buy a house in Northern Cyprus very easily and at an affordable price. Moreover, buying a house in Northern Cyprus offers much more advantageous opportunities. While much more affordable prices are offered, luxury home options can be evaluated in terms of location, design, architecture and equipment. You can find all kinds of designs you are looking for in Northern Cyprus housing options, which you can see as a lucrative investment. Whether you buy your house and rent it out, you can make a profit, or you can spend your holidays in Cyprus and rent the house for the rest of the time. While it can be very difficult to buy a luxury villa in Turkey, it is possible to buy a villa in Cyprus at a much more affordable price. You can always call us for the villas of your dreams.

Buying a House in Northern Cyprus is Considered an Investment

Northern Cyprus is also a favorite of investors with its developing economy. While Northern Cyprus is developing, buying property from Northern Cyprus can be seen as an investment. It is possible to make profitable investments by buying housing in developing regions. You can easily increase your income with affordable housing options. Since Northern Cyprus is a tourism paradise, it is easy to rent out the residences. It is quite easy to rent housing to both tourists and students or business people. The purchased house will pay for itself in a short time. For those in Turkey, buying a house in Northern Cyprus is even more profitable. Because for your holiday, you will have a home in a wonderful place like Cyprus. You can evaluate different housing options such as villas, apartments, residences or holiday homes.

Is it possible to get a residence permit by buying a house from Northern Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus gives the right of residence to foreigners who buy housing. Turkish citizens can also acquire a residence permit by buying a house in Northern Cyprus. First of all, a residence permit is issued in the form of a 3-year temporary residence permit renewal every 2 years. Northern Cyprus provides such facilities to support its developing social structure.

Is the Process of Buying a House from Northern Cyprus Difficult?

Buying a house in Northern Cyprus is very easy. It is necessary to obtain a sales permit from the Ministry. Such transactions are made by contract. Stamp duty is paid during the contract of sale. Taxes such as VAT and withholding are also paid during the title deed transactions. Generally, transactions are completed in a short time. A residence permit can also be obtained after the title deed is transferred. Contract and title deed transactions can be handled very easily. For a sale permit, the buyer must not have committed a crime. No other condition is required. As Rocs Homes, we are by your side at every stage of your home buying process, ensuring that you have your dream home easily without any problems.

Is Property Tax Too Much in Northern Cyprus?

The property tax in Northern Cyprus is 1.5 Turkish Lira per sqm. . That is, it is quite low and is not charged in the form of extra property or income tax. There is no need to pay a separate tax in Turkey. You can also benefit from various tax deductions and conveniences when buying a house.

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