What are the Entry Conditions to Northern Cyprus? How to enter Northern Cyprus?

Turkish citizens do not need a passport to enter Northern Cyprus. It is possible to enter the country only with an ID. However, a valid digital travel document is required. Everyone who will enter through the border gates must create a digital travel document with the Stay Safe application or an entry form on the ad website within 72 hours. People who have been vaccinated can have their vaccination documents read with a QR code. Unvaccinated people should have a PCR test valid for 72 hours. These applications are post-pandemic applications. Before the pandemic, such applications did not exist. Due to post-pandemic measures, it has become mandatory to obtain a digital travel document.

Northern Cyprus is one of the countries that best manages the pandemic process. In this case, it has created a great advantage in terms of protecting the health of the people living on the island of Northern Cyprus.

Now let’s talk about some important details that will help you in your trip to Northern Cyprus;

What is the Stay Safe App?

The Stay Safe application is an application organized with the pandemic process. It is similar to the Stay-at-Home practice in Turkey. Since the pandemic began, all citizens have been encouraged to use this application. Personal health information, vaccines and other details such as the Stay at Home application take place in the application. It is also possible to enter the application, which can be installed on smartphones, from a computer.

Digital Document Required for Entry to Northern Cyprus

Within the scope of the measures taken all over the world in the pandemic process and post-pandemic period, a vaccine or PCR document is required for entry to the TRNC. It is not possible to enter some countries without a vaccine. It is possible to enter the TRNC by obtaining a digital document. The PCR result showing that the test is clean is sufficient. If vaccinated, it can also be documented with a QR code.

How to Get a TRNC Digital Travel Document?

A digital travel document can be obtained from the Stay Safe app and web address. It is not possible to enter the country without a digital travel document. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain a digital travel document 72 hours in advance. The document can be completed in the TRNC entry form section on the website. The TRNC Entry Form can also be filled from the application. First of all, you have to download the Stay Safe app on the phone. Then you can complete the process by filling out the form.

How to go to Northern Cyprus?

You can go to Northern Cyprus by air or sea. Pushing to Cyprus by plane is the fastest and easiest way. There are regular flights to Ercan Airport. It is possible to go to Northern Cyprus from Mersin Taşucu port by ferry. Flights to Cyprus can be found from the cities of Istanbul, Ankara, Adana, Antalya, Hatay and Gaziantep.

Is it possible to go to Northern Cyprus by car?

Northern Cyprus is an island country. Transportation can be provided by air or sea. It is also possible to go to Cyprus by car from Mersin Taşucu port. Vehicle procedures are different. It is necessary to pay attention to details such as passport and vehicle inspection.

Where is Northern Cyprus Airport?

Ercan Airport, which is 23 km away from the capital Nicosia, is also 29 km away from Famagusta. There are shuttles from the airport to cities such as Kyrenia and Famagusta. Ercan Airport is the only airport in Northern Cyprus.

Where to go in Northern Cyprus by Ferry?

Ferries departing from Mersin or Antalya provide transportation to the port of Kyrenia. Lines such as Alanya-Girne can be preferred to go to Cyprus by ship.

Is a Passport Required When Going to Northern Cyprus?

A passport is not required for Turkish citizens. You can enter Northern Cyprus with an ID and digital travel document. However, a digital travel document is mandatory. Those who do not have a digital travel document cannot enter Northern Cyprus. The digital document form must be filled 72 hours in advance.

Northern Cyprus offers many opportunities in terms of education, life and investment. Especially during the pandemic period, the importance of the opportunities it offers has shown itself more. This has increased the number of people who want to settle in this beautiful island country. If you want to learn more about Cyprus investment or life opportunities, you can call Rocs Homes investment advisors. You can step into a beautiful future with our special solutions for you.

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